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Less Joshing More Washing

Instaquote article

Hey there, homeowners! We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right contractor for your pressure washing needs. You’ve likely encountered those all-too-common contractor nightmares. The stereotypical service business is so predictable, you can’t help but laugh—if only to keep from crying…


Let’s start our journey to find a pressure washing service. First things first—we need to give someone a call. Ring-ring…ring-ring…ring-ring… “I’m sorry, the person you are trying to reach has a voice mail box that has not been set up. Please try again later, good-bye.” Wow… Okay. We’re off to a strong start. Maybe the next one won’t have an aversion to answering the phone.

Knock, Knock – Knock It off

We’ve all been there—just as you’re about to take that much needed afternoon nap, the doorbell rings. Dogs bark. Babies cry. Absolute chaos. And when we stumble to the door disoriented and afraid, he has the audacity to push his services. Door-to-door sales is really just door-to-door wails about subpar contractor fails. Sorry… I got carried away there. Anyway, back to our story about every contractor ever.

In-Person Quote Qualms

Ah, the legendary in-person quote—a tale of inconvenience that rivals jury duty. Why waste your precious time on a wild goose chase around your property with a contractor? He’s armed with measuring tape, notepad, and a bad attitude. Let’s be honest. It’s always awkward and never fun. Plus, now we’re waiting around all day because, even if they gave you an appointment time, they’re not showing up. YOUR time is more valuable than that!

Online Instant Quote and Self Scheduling

We’re flipping the script on the stereotypical contractor. Next time you need pressure washing services for your property, skip the hassle and check out our new quoting and scheduling software, InstaQuote. Scroll through our list of services, which includes everything exterior cleaning from house washing to gutter clean outs and trash can deodorizing. Select the services that your property needs the most. Answer a few simple questions. Enter your contact information. REVEL IN THE SPEED AND SIMPLICITY IN WHICH YOU JUST RECEIVED A QUOTE! When you’ve had time to look over your calendar, follow the link to schedule the most convenient cleaning experience of your life.

  • Less calling just to be ghosted.
  • Less pacifying that door knocker.
  • Less waiting around for disappointment.
  • The stereotype might be a joke, but only when we’re not living it.
  • Less Joshing More Washing
  • InstaQuote
See you soon,
If you want to learn more about using InstaQuote in your business, as well as other CRM tools, check out QuoteIQ.